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September: Tina Barber starts to pull her carefully inbred foundation stock from the AKC and signs a contract with Kathy Sottile of the Federation of International Canines (FIC) to register specifically selected dogs (that meet the requirements set by Tina Barber) as Shiloh Shepherds.


July: SSDCA incorporated.  Shilohs are dual registered with FIC and the AKC.   FIC has trouble verifying size and temperament for dogs being registered as Shilohs. Kathy Sottile agrees to stop issuing certificates and FIC returned copies of all registrations to Tina in January 1991.  After exploring other options, the SSDCA decided to start the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR).


As of June 1992, Tina clarifies the requirements; all registrations are handled through the new ISSR registrar, and dual (AKC) registrations are no longer allowed.


Upon the failure of the registrar to properly document registrations a multi-year contract is signed with the TCCP to design Tina's super computer (program) and  process data.  International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc. (I.S.S.R., Inc.) is incorporated by Tina  M. Barber on 9/9/1993.

1993-now All registrations are verified by the ISSR and sent to the TCCP for documentation and processing.


  1. The Origins of the Shiloh Shepherd, Chapter 5: Will the Real Shiloh Please Stand Up, page 20
  2. The Newsletter: Shiloh Shepherd Scriptures, Vol I, published in late 1992, page 1: "The Shiloh is not a GERMAN SHEPHERD. The Shiloh is a RARE BREED DOG. They are no longer recognized by the AKC. They are now being registered by the INTERNATIONAL SHILOH SHEPHERD REGISTRY (I.S.S.R.)." 

    To view the original front and back covers, please visit:

  3. The Newsletter: Shiloh Shepherd Scriptures, Vol I, page 3: "After much deliberation the S.S.D.C.A., Inc. chose to operate their own registry via the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (I.S.S.R.) because it would enable  the club to maintain a MUCH STRONGER QUALITY CONTROL program!!"  

  4. The Newsletter: Shiloh Shepherd Scriptures, Vol I, page 5: The Rules and Regulations of the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry "The I.S.S.R. as of June 1, 1992 took over the registration of the Shiloh Shepherds to better control the future of the Shiloh Shepherd."

  5. The Origins of the Shiloh Shepherd, Chapter 6: The ISSR: A Registry to Be Reckoned With:  pages 21-23.   ( An example of the original I.S.S.R. certificates may be found on page 23.

To view other articles from early Shiloh Shepherds (Kennel) and SSDCA, Inc. newsletters, please visit our Shiloh Shepherd History Preservation Project.

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