Tina with Tammy, grand-dam of Kari, one of our foundation dogs. Photo circa early 1970's.
Tina with one of our foundation dogs (Kari's grand-dam) Tammy, taken in the early 70's


Training (Tina shares a little about her past, present and future goals)

Shiloh Training Method (an introduction to the training method that Tina developed over several decades of working with GSD's and other intelligent large breeds)

About Us (provides you with a more in-depth information about Tina's family involvement with the GSD's and now the Shiloh Shepherd)

Scheduling a Seminar, Litter Evaluation or a Consultation  (Tina's curriculum vitae and how to schedule a seminar,  litter evaluation or a training/behavioral or breeding consultation)

Tina's Testimony (written in 1987 for Shiloh Shepherd Kennel Newsletter)

Tammy's 5 year old son Colonel circa 1979.

Artus is the 3rd NB brought into the lines:   Samson in the late 80's,  Sabrina in the early 90's, Artus in the late 90's and  Orbit as the new Millennium outcross.



Tour New Zion now
(pictures of New Zion Shilohs taken yearly during the seasons)

New Zion in the Fall (2000) Winter Wonderland  (2001)
Spring--a New Beginning (2001) Take a Ride around New Zion in Summer (2001)
Tina's Gardens and Pavilion--September 2002 Fruits of Tina's Handiwork (Tina's gardens)
Spring 2003 Summer 2003
Walk around New Zion Fall 2003 Walk around New Zion Winter 2004
Weekend at New Zion March 2004 A Walk on the Wild Side Summer 2004
Walk around New Zion Summer 2004 Walk around New Zion 2005
Walk around New Zion 2006 Walk around New Zion 2007

Walk around New Zion 2008

Walk around New Zion 2009 / 2010

Visit the New Zion Shilohs website for updates on upcoming litters.



We are pleased to announce that  the limited edition of Tina Barber's The Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind A Breed Is Born is now available. To order your copy or just learn more, please visit this page.

Huntington, WV, August 25, 2005 -  John Patrick Grace of  Publishers Place announced today the publication of The Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind A Breed is Born, by Tina M. Barber and Cinnamon Kennedy.  Lavishly illustrated, the 184 page book details the struggles that Ms. Barber has overcome in her 40-year attempt to create a breed that would live up to her vision of the ultimate companion dog.  Ms. Barber recounts the difficulties in creating her own genetic lines as well as her fight to enforce the standards needed to protect the strength and health of the breed she has developed. 

While overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles with immense resilience and perseverance, Ms. Barber credits all success to God.  This stirring and ultimately inspiring book is available now in a special limited edition, personally signed by the author. The book may be ordered either through PayPal or by using our printed order form.

Want a sneak preview? Check out excerpts from all 9 chapters! Also be sure to visit our The Shiloh Shepherd Story blog.


For the full inside story, be sure to check

Shiloh buyer beware: The rest of the story

Then visit Tina's new collection of articles where she very candidly discusses the major issues facing the Shiloh Shepherd today.

The Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder Discusses the Critical Issues Facing Her Breed

Before Purchasing a Puppy, please be sure to read The Shiloh Shepherd Story, Against the Wind a Breed is Born

Protecting Breed Development by Tina Barber, Left- Korcha 1990, Right-Shadow 2007

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